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E.S.I.A.F. born April 17, 2018 in Milan

May 3, 2018 Comments Off on E.S.I.A.F. born April 17, 2018 in Milan By wp_1016089

E.S.I.A.F. “European Society for Inclusion Against Social Fragilities” was born on April 17, 2018 in Milan.
The association of social promotion has as president Adriana Battaglia and as Vice President Franco Posa.
Adriana Battaglia is a journalist and evaluator of the projects of the European Commission, has held ministerial and regional offices, is an expert in the field of youth problems, has published texts on the phenomenon of bullying. She is the creator of the Tripax-Court of Peace method.
Franco Posa is a doctor, criminologist, expert in Neuroscience criminals, the professional who solved the cold case by Lidia Macchi.
It is divided into two macro areas:
1- educational project psychopedagogical partner born more than fifteen years ago for the prevention and the fight against cyber bullying and bullying
2- I.N.C.S. “European Institute of Neurosciences and Forensic Crime Studies” the European Institute of Forensic and Criminal Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary, autonomous and independent Scientific Society created to promote, enhance and support research, prevention and dissemination of new scientific evidence in report also to criminal law.
The association, based in Milan and Bellinzona, also aims to promote the culture of legality, non-violence and cooperation between peoples and from the scientific point of view to contribute to the progress of scientific knowledge and promote refresher courses and training.